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Jim & Bianca Beinlich began training dogs in 1991 with their first German Shepherd, Sabbath, who drew them to the breed and into the wonderful world of dog training.  Their four-legged family rapidly expanded, and it didn't take long for them to become enthralled with canine behavior, problem solving, and pack dynamics.

Shortly thereafter, Jim & Bianca discovered Schutzhund, a sport that originated in Germany as a breed suitability test for the German Shepherd Dog.  (Schutzhund involves tracking, obedience, and protection work.)  Since then, Jim & Bianca's expertise, interest, and love of dogs inspired them to form Cool K9's Dog Training - to include training and support for all dog breeds.

Cool K9's Dog Training specializes in:

  • Obedience (from puppy through advanced)

  • Behavior Modification

  • Protection

  • Schutzhund/DVG Titling and Competition

  • Tactical K-9 Training

  • Narcotics & Explosives Detection

  • Search & Rescue foundation work

  • Civilian Scent Work

  • Corporate Training Seminars

Cool K9's also has access to a talented network of instructors - both civilian & Military/Law Enforcement.  For the past 15 years, they have had the good fortune of training and learning from national and international level instructors and competitors.  They continue to actively train their own dogs in every category of their expertise. They are Associate members of Summit Schutzhund Club in Denver and members in good standing with DVG. 

Mission Statement:  to serve all our customers and their canines with the highest level of integrity, expertise and personal attention. 

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Cool K9s:
Company History

·   10+ years dog training and instructing of Group Obedience Classes, Private Sessions, In-Home Sessions, and Board-n-Train. Offering Pup-Advanced Obedience, Behavior Counseling/Modification, Tracking/Scentwork, Protection, Temperament Testing, and Canine Good Citizen Testing.

·   Retained as expert witnesses in several legal cases surrounding dog bite claims and aggressive/vicious dog disputes.  Services included performing (and video taping) Behavior/Temperament/Aggression Evaluations as necessary, providing detailed written assessment of findings, and court appearances/expert testimony.

·   Canine Behavioral Evaluators - Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR)
8/01 - 9/02.

·   Created and implemented the Canine Behavior/Temperament Evaluation Program.

·   Superb increase in the dog adoption rate, within just 6 months of our Evaluation Programs inception rise reported to be ~90% canine adoptions**.

**It was reported in this broadcast that, since the date of our evaluation programs inception 6 months prior,  dog adoption rate had already seen an amazing increase to nearly 90%.  

·   Revised the Twice Loved Canine training (TLC) and Dog Walk (DW) programs at the HSPPR.

·   Instructed classes on proper training methods and safe handling techniques for the TLC and DW program facilitators.

·   Instructors for dog training classes held at the HSPPR facility, including Pup-Advanced Group Obedience Classes, Private Sessions, and Private Behavioral/Temperament Evaluations    8/01 Present.

·   Associate Members in good standing with DVG America through Summit Schutzhund Club.

 Cool K9's:
Media Coverage

·   Fox 21 News - December 2006 - -Dog Training- Short story about using positive reinforcement. Link to the text of the news story here

·   Veterinary News Network - October 2006 - -Avoiding Dog Bites- Motion Pixel labs contacted us to obtain footage of "aggressive looking" dogs for their story on avoiding dog bites. Click here to watch the clip

·   Colorado Springs Gazette, Go! Section - May 2006 Issue - - Best of the Springs - Cool K9s was listed as best dog trainer!

·   Peterson Air Force Base, CO, Space Observer Magazine - September 2005 Issue - -Military Working K9 dogs place in K-9 Challenge- PDF link here.

·   Steppin Out Magazine - August 2002 Issue - Pets & You section - Why Obedience Training and Choosing a Trainer, written by Judi Lakin, Manager of Communications for the HSPPR Article based upon an interview with Cool K9s Dog Training.  It was written to educate the public on the values of obedience training, training with positive reinforcement techniques, and the importance of choosing trainers, verifying claimed credentials, and researching the different training philosophies.

·   KKTV (CH 11) News -3/20/02 - News story featured information about our Behavior Evaluation Program at the HSPPR, including a short interview with Jim regarding the importance of the various tests, as well as some clips of Bianca performing portions of some evaluations in progress. **It was reported in this broadcast that, since the date of our evaluation programs inception 6 months prior,  dog adoption rate had already seen an amazing increase to nearly 90%.  

Cool K9s:


·         Bijou Animal Hospital, Colo Spgs, CO (Dr.s Colvin, Miller)    719-471-4457

·         High Country Vet Clinic, Colo Spgs, CO (Dr.Deb Germeroth)   719-390-7995

·         Clearview Animal Hospital, Colo Spgs, CO   719-392-3495

·         Gary Patterson Training Director, Summit Schutzhund Club, respected and published author of several books on dog training, tracking, obedience, protection, including the issues of understanding a dog's drives, reading dogs, and working through and with canine drives

·     Carole Patterson President,  DVG America   303-674-4655

·     Paul Campbell Owner of Callie, client for obedience and behavior modification issues (severe separation anxiety) - Paul was referred to us by Dr. Wes Metzler.   719-633-8708

·     Liz Ramey Owner of Capone and Suske, client for puppy-advanced training, additional specialty training   719-599-7012

Liz Ramey works with Capone & Suske

Additional references available upon request.

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